Sanakin in Dentistry

The completely autologous treatment

Completely natural treatment of inflammation of the periodontium

When an infection occurs during dental treatment, an antibiotic is usually prescribed. However, this only reaches the acutely inflamed part of the wound. The antibiotics often shift the event from an acute to a chronic condition. The poorly supplied jaw bones are not touched by the antibiotic, and the result is chronically non-healing jaw bone inflammation.

Against this background, the very successful use of Sanakin® technology in other specialties could also be applied to dentistry: Gum and jawbone inflammations are treated purely biologically and completely naturally in the body.

What is Sanakin® and how does it work?

Sanakin® technology creates an anti-inflammatory and regenerative serum (ACRS) derived from the patient’s own blood. ACRS is injected specifically at or into the inflamed sites. Highly concentrated positive interleukins push back inflammation. Multiplied growth factors push tissue regeneration. Cytokines that have already been activated in the body thus have a targeted and multiply amplified effect.

In order to ensure a high level of tolerability, artificial additives are not used at all. The serum (ACRS) is 100% autologous.

Sanakin in der Zahnmedizin


• Periodontitis
• Gingivitis
• Acute and chronic ostitis of the jaw bone
• Residual ostitis
• Mandibular joint arthritis
• NICO (Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis)
• Inflammation of the temporal joint

Advantages at a glance

  • natural and safe procedure
  • Support of the body’s own regenerative powers
  • pain relief
  • inflammation inhibition
  • therapy with high tolerance
  • individual treatment by the doctor
  • no overdose possible
  • unlimited therapy duration
  • improvement of quality of life
  • quick application
  • uncomplicated handling

Sanakin® treatment areas