Sanakin® Technology in Aesthetics

Sanakin Technology in Aesthetics

Natural beauty with the body’s own regenerative powers


The use of the body‘s own immune proteins in aesthetic medicine & plastic surgery

Many applications in aesthetic medicine are artificial in nature. Sanakin Technology takes a completely autologous approach to activate the body’s own regenerative powers.

With the help of Sanakin Technology an Autologous Cytokine Rich Serum (ACRS) is produced that is based on the multiplication of the body’s own anti-inflammatory messengers and growth factors. Compared to native blood, ACRS contains a 15-fold increase in crucial growth factors, which play an important role in tissue regeneration.

These tissue regeneration supporting properties make the Sanakin Technology ideal for use in the field of aesthetics.

The anti-inflammatory messengers and growth factors contained in the serum support the skin’s natural regeneration and revitalisation processes by accelerating cell renewal and regeneration. It has a revitalising effect with a very high tolerance at the same time.

Nothing is added to the finished serum — it is 100% autologous. The skin is treated purely biologically and completely autologous.

ACRS actively stimulates cell renewal. The body’s own messengers instruct skin cells to produce collagen and regulate inflammatory processes.

The aesthetic areas of application of Sanakin Technology are the targeted volume building of the skin in the face, neck and décolleté area by injecting wrinkles, as well as injecting the scalp and the application after hair transplants.

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Creation of the Autologous Cytokine Rich Serum (ACRS)

100% autologous, unlimited and safe

Natural and safe procedure

Support of the body’s own regenerative powers

Very good tolerance

No overdose possible

Unlimited therapy duration

Improvement of the quality of life

Uncomplicated handling

Fast application possibility

Individual treatment by the physician

Further fields of application in the area of the skin



Please register in the Sanakin Information and Service Portal for comprehensive information and onboarding.